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Project 03 - 'Inca's Dream' - snippet

Director / Ian Woolley
Choreographer/Dancer I'

This is the 3rd & final section of Vivaldi's Concerto No 1 La Primavera from the 'Four Seasons' for the screen dance film 'the Golden feather’. 
Inca consumed by the story of the ravens with the golden feather and the greed of man is fearful that the councilman E. N. Ron, who has an intense and selfish desire for wealth & power, may know the truth of the raven chick with the golden feather, that resides in the grand old apple tree of  Malus's branches.  Her Dreams are full of her fears and loneliness.  

Spring Scene 3 'Inca's Dream'

Spring Scene 3 'Inca's Dream'

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